Hands on with Devolver Digital’s Ruiner – PAX East 2017

Hands on with Devolver Digital’s Ruiner – PAX East 2017

Ruiner is a twin stick shooter that plays out at a smooth and fast pace. While engaged in enemies you are required to be aware of your surroundings, pick up new weapons, and set your character for the next move. The whole game has a feel to it that reminded me of the famed Hotline Miami series. With Ruiner being a semi top down, 3D, faster paced, cyber punk experience. Instead of looking out for your enemies you are lead down a one-way path killing everyone in your way. The body count is high in Ruiner, switching from guns to melee weapons as you dance around the screen defeating all of your foes.

As you begin you learn that have had your mind taken over by an unknown source feeding you with your objective. Rising from the elevator your objective becomes clear, “Kill the boss”. Something that pops up repeatedly throughout the demo. From there you are led through a series of rooms that slowly teach you all of your moves. Each new move comes with a few battles of getting used to increased difficulty before teaching you the next one. At the end of the demo there is one huge all-out battle to test everything that you’ve learned.

Available to you is a shield that deflects bullets for a short period, a dash, and a multi dash which will slow down the camera allowing you to get behind cover and dash up to three times in order to position your character better to fight the group of enemies. The button layout however is forgiving with all of your necessary buttons clustered together or available on your mouse. Luckily for those like me who feel more at home with a controller, that support for the 360 remote will be included in the final build.

When the final battle concludes your programming gets unhacked allowing you to control and think for yourself again. You make a quick escape barely alive and left collapsed in the street until a passerby finds you and fixes you up. You wake up in a shop in a slummy town and start your quest to be a good person again to absolve you of your wrongdoings. The rest of the demo is allowed to explore the town for the next three minutes to get a feel for the game before switching to a final cut scene teasing the entire game and the incredible looking weapon arsenal.


Being a big fan of the style that surrounds Devolver Digital as a publisher Ruiner is fully on my radar. I couldn’t get enough of the fast action bloodshed. The mystery centered around a character that wears a light up biker helmet seeking redemption upon those who wronged them has left the hook in for wanting more. This game will be available only on Steam, sometime in 2017.

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