Hands on with Songbringer at PAX East 2017

Hands on with Songbringer at PAX East 2017

Songbinger is an interesting tale of one man’s love of NES Zelda. One that he brought to the world of livestreaming and got picked up and supported. At PAX East I got to meet Nathanael Weiss and play Songbringer. Now this is a project that was done by one person and live streamed everything on Twitch. It was eventually noticed and picked up to help him support the project as the costs became too lofty for just him. He is still given free reigns to make Songbringer however he wants and the team does not try to call the shots on the project.

You play as a character that goes to different planets with his robot friend. When he removes a sword from the planet he awakens an evil force and it’s up to him to stop it. The world is Seed Generated where based off of the 6 letters that you use to name your character will determine the world layout. All the same locations that you need to travel to exist, but the world changes how you get there.

It has a standard Zelda formula: travel to dungeons and receive items than travel to the next one. You are given a sword, bombs, healing item, and a few other various items with different abilities. When in a dungeon my options for progression were to kill all enemies, find a key, or solve some puzzle to unlock the doors to continue forward. At the end of the dungeon I fought a boss, then received an item for my hard work.

The demo was forgiving that I could use a bio scanner to highlight important places where there would be a temple or in one case a very difficult boss. Items can be purchased at various shops that you find throughout the overworld. There you can use money you’ve found to stock your character.

Artwork is done in a very retro pixel art style and the character movement is a bit slower. Sword swings for me had to be timed out as there was a few character model movements before swinging my sword at my enemy. But the world is not just filled with foes on every screen, you have a robot companion with you as well. This floating robot’s name is Jib and offers humor as you both banter back and forth while adventuring.

If you have any interest in checking out this project you can see everything that is being made, as it’s being made over at https://www.twitch.tv/wizard_fu, or the backlog of work completed so far at https://www.youtube.com/c/NatWeiss. If you’re a fan of the original Zelda, take some time and see the work that has been put into this project so far.

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