Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Puts Parker Under Pressure

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Puts Parker Under Pressure

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer


When we last saw our wall-crawling hero…

The second official Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer debuted today and boy was there a lot to take in. In addition to showing off some new gadgetry related to Peter Parker’s brand spanking new Starkafied suit the two and a half minute trailer promises plenty of action and explosions. Not to mention we get to see a Tony Stark acting as head coach and maybe even being a little bit parental towards our favorite wall-crawler? If we squint, and we are, it seems like events of the past are motivating Iron Man to push Parker in ways that we haven’t yet seen. Does the suit make the man, or the other way around? It’s a question we’ve seen wrestled with before by Marvel, but not with a well meaning teenager as the focus. The trailer also reveals that the The Vulture, new big bad on the block for the MCU, has a little bit in common with Spider-Man himself.

The Marvel and Sony partnership has been building up to this film for quite sometime. Fans have put a lot of pressure on for these entertainment giants to get it right. But what do you think? Can Tom Holland hold the mantle to be the newest, best, and last Spider-Man that we see for awhile on the big screen? We’re honestly not too mad about that being the multi-verse we live in. 


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