Wizards of The Coast Introduces Offical D&D Tool At PAX

Wizards of The Coast Introduces Offical D&D Tool At PAX


Wizards of the Coast has announced that the Beta will be open for all starting on March 20th!


Original Story:

If you have played Dungeons and Dragons, you are aware of the amount of loose papers that you tend to accumulate throughout the course of a year, let alone an entire campaign. This past weekend at PAX East Wizards of the Coast announced a Digital Toolset in partnership with Curse, known for their various digital products and eSports teams.

The toolset entitled “D&D Beyond” is set to work with the Fifth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons, and will feature things from character creation, to a quick rules reference system.  Wizards is hardly new to having a digital platform for their games; as the previous edition had an extremely nice tool titled “D&D Insider” that was removed around the release of the new game.

Fifth Edition character creation while not difficult, can be slightly tedious. This seems to be designed to eliminate that, while allowing players to easily edit their characters on the go.

D&D Beyond is set to launch sometime this summer, though you are able to sign up for the Beta here.

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