Overwatch 2 Officially Announced

Overwatch 2 Officially Announced

Blizzard released a press statement today, breaking Twitter and the Internet combined, as people collectively lost their minds.  Overwatch 2, set to release April 2nd, 2017, is based again on Earth, as some of it’s mightiest heroes must once again team up to save the payload.  Or the flag or whatever. Some of the beautiful new maps include:

Los Angeles

New York City

Patrick Stewart’s Beautiful Bald Head

And many more! Also in this new and improved sequel, we will have some returning characters, like Roadhog and Reaper but some new ones as well!  Check out some of the new skins for Reaper and Roadhog, as shown on Blizzard’s official Twitter page:

Roaghog (FB skin)

Reaper (Homer skin)

Pretty life like if you ask me.  Along with the new skins, we see the addition of some new characters with some amazing abilities. Of all the new characters released, my favorite has to be Drump.  His weapon is a machine built to throw waste at his enemies and sometimes flaming pants, because his pants are often on fire.  His ultimate move is called a “Twitter Bomb” and its where Drump yells really loudly, usually gibberish, and it propels into his enemies.  Depending on their health and if they are a US citizen, this bomb could either boot the enemy off the map or make them stronger and more famous. Drumps origins lay somewhere either in the US or Russia, but that is not clear yet either.  Check out some of his skins below:

Finger Pointing Skin

Windy Day Skin

Classic Devil skin

Other new playable characters will be announced after the game is released this Sunday.  On top of all of this amazing new content, Overwatch 2 is also going to require a subscription fee of $9.99 a month.  When asked why, a top representative from Blizzard said, “Why not? Have you seen who the president is?” With all the rumors surrounding the game play and new characters, Overwatch 2 looks to be an amazing addition to the Blizzard family. Also, April Fools from us here at Mammoth Gamers!

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