Project Scorpio Specifications Released

Project Scorpio Specifications Released

Microsoft has finally released some information on the much hyped Project Scorpio, giving out the powerful specs that people should be expecting when the Xbox One follow up is released.  Still without an actual release date, price point or an actual console, Project Scorpio promises to be the most powerful home gaming console, second to only a really high end gaming computer.   Check out the specs below:

  • CPU: Eight custom x86 cores
  • GPU: 6 teraflops
  • RAM: 12GB GDDR5
  • Memory bandwidth: 326 GB/s
  • Vapour-chamber cooling
  • 1TB Hard Drive

For those of us who don’t speak computer, which I do not, this means that it will be approximately 30% faster than the Xbox One S and even faster than the recently released Playstation 4 Pro.  Promises of full 4k playback and even better display on non 4k televisions has people licking their chops for more powerful graphics and bigger worlds in the ever expanding Xbox catalog.  This also leads the way for better load times, higher frame rates and less visual lagging.  All of this info being released from an exclusive preview to Digital Foundry, we probably be getting a more in depth look at Project Scorpio in June for E3, but it is interesting to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve.  Richard Leadbetter wrote “Performance is remarkable. We saw a Forza Motorsport demo running on the machine at native 4K and Xbox One equivalent settings, and it hit 60 frames per second with a substantial performance overhead – suggesting Scorpio will hit its native 4K target across a range of content, with power to spare to spend on other visual improvements. And while 4K is the target, Microsoft is paying attention to 1080p user’s, promising that all modes will be available to them.”  Time will only tell if Sony will have a rebuttal, but as it stands now, Playstation has been handily outselling the Xbox One.  Maybe project Scorpio will be the answer and the secret weapon for Microsoft to get back into this console war.

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