Star Wars Battlefront 2 PlayStation Ad Leaks

Star Wars Battlefront 2 PlayStation Ad Leaks

Star Wars Battlefront was a game that was not impressed by many fans (including myself) but the sequel to the game looks mighty promising.  How do we know?  Well today, a PlayStation ad was leaked featuring footage from the game.  What is even more exciting is that the game will feature content from across every film – including the prequel films which were not included in the first game.  We’re talking The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, and Revenge of The Sith.  In the trailer below, Darth Maul can be seen igniting his lightsaber as well as Rey running in a forest.  What is even more compelling is that the game will include a campaign mode.  Will this game include a campaign mode through all of the major Star Wars films?  Hopefully we will find that out for sure very soon.  Star Wars Battlefront 2 is shaping up very nicely and is due for release later this year.  We should have more information on this exciting Star Wars title later this week at Star Wars Celebration 2017 and at E3 2017 in just a couple of months. When that information breaks, you’ll want to make sure you come back here to Mammoth Gamers for the latest information.

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  • TwoLiterSoda

    Aww I wanted to see actual gameplay! Cutscenes look good though.

    • Albert Perkins

      Soon enough we’ll get some gameplay! Maybe on Saturday!

  • KashIsKlay

    Hoping to play it early on EA access