Deadpool Animated Series Coming to FXX

Riding off the successes of the live-action Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds, FXX has announced that they will be creating a 10 episode, 1st season of a Deadpool animated series.  Atlanta star and geek-genius, Donald Glover will be the executive producer on the show and will be manning a lot of the creative direction of the show. Having loved the series himself, Donald and his brother, Steven Glover will be overseeing the show.

“Donald Glover is an incredibly gifted and versatile artist who’ll bring the untitled Marvel’s Deadpool animated series to life with the same intense, singular vision as his breakout hit Atlanta,” said Nick Grad, co-president of original programming for FX Networks and FX Productions. “With the success of Legion, we’re looking forward to again partnering with Marvel Television to create a series that is bold, striking and entirely original.”

Marking that we now will have two X-Men related shows, highly successful Legion being the other, running on FXX and the show “The Gifted” running on parent company FOX, it seems to be that we will be seeing more and more TV series about superheroes.  The CW has run the gamut of comic superhero shows with The Flash and Arrow but FXX seems to be trying to catch the more adult themed shows, with edgy and violent comic book bases.

Either way this is a nerd’s dream come true as Donald Glover is already in the Marvel Universe with his upcoming appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming and his voice over work on the new Disney series, Spider-Man Unlimited, in which he will voice the character of Miles Morales AKA Spider-Man.

We can look for the same wit, comedy and gore that made the Deadpool movie so successful as well as a fan’s interpretation of what the artwork and voice acting should sound like. Count me in as excited, as comic book nerds have one more reason to cheer.

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