Destiny 2 Looks To Right The Wrongs From Its Predecessor

Destiny 2 Looks To Right The Wrongs From Its Predecessor

Destiny is a game that I personally played for hundreds of hours.  I think I might have even reached over a thousand. I was attracted to the game for it interactive features such as the raids and special strikes, as well as the smooth and exciting gameplay.   However, I despised it for it lack of actual, meaningful content.  Destiny “vanilla” was an incomplete game that only saw its full potential at the end of its life. Grinding levels and collecting loot is only fun if it feels fresh.  Doing the same thing over and over was frustrating to many players. If the game was released with all the DLC it had at the end, Destiny would have been one of the greatest games ever made.  But alas, players dropped off and after the first DLC, millions of Destiny players gave up.  Destiny 2 is hoping to right those wrongs.

May 18th marked the first day in which the public not only got to see glimpses of Destiny 2’s gameplay, but also a whole lot of other Destiny news as well.  The Bungie Livestream, that was a little under and hour, was jam packed with new features, gameplay footage and even allowed people at the event to demo out some of the game. Here are some of the biggest announcements and take aways from the event.

Gameplay Trailer

We finally got a gameplay trailer, showing us some of the new guns, new abilities and yes, new(ish) enemies.  The idea of the game is that there is nowhere left for the Guardians to go. Earth’s last safe zone has been destroyed. The Traveler has been captured, taking away the light of all Guardians and shattering the hopes of mankind on Earth.  You have to find your powers again and attempt to beat the new big, bad guy, all while making the universe safe from the threats Guardians have faced in the past.  Sounds pretty routine.  

The gameplay trailer was good, as it showed off the new features and powers that Guardians will eventually be granted. 3 new subclasses added on to some of the OG ones, helps make the game feel fresh.  I like that they showed off some of the new guns, one being a grenade launcher and others to have some alien-esk technology incorporated as well.  I was also a fan of the story, as they had said that Destiny 2 has a much bigger story and a lot more character development, which the first one lacked hardcore.   However, if my eyes are correct, we will not be seeing a jump in framerate, which is something Destiny players have been asking for since day one.  30fps is not pushing the limit for a new gen console at all. So that is bad news for players looking for better graphics and smoother gameplay.

Destiny 2 New Features

Clans and Guided Games – Connecting with others via matchmaking has been in video games for over a decade.  Destiny had matchmaking for its PVP content and some other content like strikes.  However, one of the biggest issues with Destiny was that the game’s most interactive and rewarding content did not provide a easy way to connect and match with others trying to the same activities.  Nightfalls and Raids were challenging to get into and the casual player was usually not able to collect 3-6 friends on their list to complete these challenges.  Destiny 2 is introducing 2 new features to help provide that connection without providing direct matchmaking.

Clans were available in the original Destiny but, it was only a tag under your user name.  Clans in Destiny 2 are going to allow people to join, gain rewards and have a bigger connection to the Destiny community.  With the addition to Clans, we also will see Guided Games, which is Bungie’s response to the complaints about Raid and Nightfall matchmaking.  Guided Games allows people to try out clans and have a place for people who are looking to do similar events and join in.  It can be a full time clan add or it can be a one time thing for players to experience the Raid and get the loot.  Either way, this is a welcome addition and finally allows everyone to access all of the content.  I really like this move, it shows Bungie is listening.  This was one of my biggest issues with Destiny and it looks like everyone will be able to have access to every piece of content.

PC Gaming –  PC gamers can rejoice as Destiny 2 will be available to them.  In a pretty surprising move, Activision, Bungie and Blizzard are teaming up to get Destiny 2 on PCs.  Blizzard is known for games such as Overwatch, Diablo and World of Warcraft, so their online presence is felt all around the world.  Battlenet is a welcome platform for Destiny 2 and I think that people will be pleased with this move.

Along with those two big announcements, we got a ton of news on new exotic guns, new worlds, more cinematics, “lost sectors”, and a revamped Crucible.  Overall, this Livestream sold me on Destiny 2.  It sounds like not only did they listen to current users but they learned from people who dropped off the game that they needed to provide a more complete game and experience for players to stick around.  Call of Duty is a game where multiplayer is king, but when you have a game like Destiny, people want the experiences and of course, the loot.  Bungie heard that loud and clear and we now have some great new additions to hopefully give a better experience to gamers.  I personally have already pre-ordered Destiny 2 and am excited to see what the universe has in store for Guardians, new and old.

If you missed the Livestream event yesterday, check it out below!


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