Injustice 2 – Best/Worst Characters to Fight With

Injustice 2 – Best/Worst Characters to Fight With

DC comics are all over the news right now.  Wonder Woman is set to release June 2nd, Justice League later on this year, the comic book arcs are taking a positive upswing and of course, Injustice 2 has been an overall success scoring high with critics all around. With all this DC Hype, I have been playing Injustice 2 non-stop.  With that, I have obviously played as a variety of characters, some who are good and some in which suck.  Here are my best/worst characters to fight with while playing Injustice 2.

Best Characters

Harley Quinn – Dynamic enough to get you through any fight, Harley is my #1.  With her quick gun set, strong hammer slams and her little baby hyenas, she is the first character I maxed out.  After playing with Batman, I realized that his style was not for me (or for anyone), even though he is my favorite DC character outside of this game.  What makes Harley such a great fighter is that she is quick and has a lot of ways to defeat enemies.  She is great against strong characters like Grodd or Darkseid but I did find myself struggle more against characters like Superman and Green Lantern. Her super move is easy to land and it does a good chunk of damage. Overall, Harley is the best, even if her counterpart (the Joker) is not….

The Flash – Barry Allen, another one of my favorites in the DC universe, has some incredibly redeeming qualities when it comes to fighting in Injustice 2.  The Flash is able to use a series of moves that can combo some of the strongest characters for a good while.  His special ability allows you to slow down time, which makes it easier to land quick combos for a few seconds at a time.  The Flash also has one of the more creative super moves, as Barry channels the speed force and travels through time hitting enemies off the pyramids and even knocks his opponent into a dinosaur.  The Flash is a good beginner character and has one of the coolest unlockable skins in the game: the Reverse Flash.  Flash fans rejoice!

Darkseid – An unlockable character, Darkseid was gifted to me as a pre-order bonus.  One of the biggest bad guys in the DC Universe, Darkseid is an incredibly strong character with a lot of weapons.  He can also be one of the cheapest characters in the game as well. His abilities to kick and knee others provides a strong offense but his laser eyes are where his real power comes from.  The laser moves are strong and they often can stop other characters in their tracks.  This in combo with his super ability, which also uses his laser move, makes him one of the best characters to play as in the game.  Even so, you can also cheap shot people through the match and just shoot lasers to the ground until enemies jump and then you can uppercut.  Copy, paste, repeat; which is why he can also be one of the cheapest characters in the game.

Worst Characters

Batman – Like I said before, Batman is my favorite DC character, hands down.  However, he sucks to play as in this game.  His combo moves are boring, he has very little distance moves and he is slow.  Like super slow.  Pile all of that on to the fact that you have to play as him through a good portion of the story, Batman is not my first choice in the Multiverse.  The unfortunate part to this is that I do like his gear and shaders, which makes me want to play as him more so I can unlock more of his cool stuff. But no, I cannot stand to be pummeled anymore or see the Batplane shoot anymore rockets… Either way, Batman stinks in Injustice 2, but nowhere else.

Atrocitus – Okay.  So this character is a cool character.  A supervillain who is apart of the Lantern Corps. who can spew red liquid hate on to his enemies and has a cat as his sidekick. Sick right?  As cool as Atrocitus is, he is terrible to fight with.  His is clunky, slow and his power moves don’t make up for the fact that he can’t hit any of the quicker characters.  His super move is pretty slick, however, I would have to say, avoid using him unless you have to. If you can stand to level him up, his unlockable gear is sick looking.

The Joker – The Joker was one of the main antagonists in the first Injustice game, which was one of the reasons I enjoyed the game so much.  He was classic Joker and was voiced by Mark Hamill, which is the best Joker there is.  Injustice 2, for obvious reasons, could not include the Joker as much, mostly because he (spoiler) is dead.  He does show up briefly in the story mode but it is not the Joker of the past.  He is some kind of skinny, emo kid, which could have been an amazing call back to Jason Todd becoming the Joker, but instead they just didn’t say much about him and he is just a side playable character/a fear of Harley Quinn in the story.  Sucky for many reasons, the Joker is also not the best fighter in this game, as he is quick but sloppy combos hurt his character.  My main reason for putting him on this list is because I feel the writers missed an opportunity to have something really cool happen with the Joker, but they gave the spotlight to Superman and Supergirl. This Joker goes down as one of the worst Jokers adapted to any game/movie. There’s always Injustice 3 to try and right the wrongs, right?

Let us know what you think about this list! If you’re looking for a review of Injustice 2, check it out here!

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