Locked Up – The Prison RPG You Didn’t Know You Needed

Locked Up – The Prison RPG You Didn’t Know You Needed

Kickstarter is changing the way video games get funded and will be changing the landscape of indie gaming for years to come.  With success stories like We Happy Few and Psychonauts 2, we see quality games coming out of crowdsourcing and people now have the power to fund the games they want to see, not just what giant companies want to make money from. Kickflip Studios is a new game studio in San Luis Obispo, California, formed by CEO, Mark Price, and members of its parent company, Devslopes. Devslopes is a digital technology education platform that has taught hundreds of thousands of people to code and land jobs as programmers and game developers in the industry. So when KickFlip reached out to us to showcase their up and coming game, Locked Up, and we thought the concept sounded awesome and we liked the message that came with these two companies. Specifically that they want to enable young people to learn how to code and create video games of their own. So when we checked out the Kickstarter for the game, it was clear that Locked Up has a lot of potential to be an action packed and exciting new game.

Locked Up is “full of grit, brutality, and an unsettling story…an action Prison RPG that will thrust players into an unfamiliar world where corrupt guards and violent prisoners might just be the least of their worries.”  Filled with mystery, this Prison RPG seems to have some fresh ideas to inject into the gaming world that is always looking for the next big thing.  Locked Up seems unique and that it will be something people would like based on the fact that there isn’t many other games like this on the market.

The game’s Kickstarter says that the Prison RPG is centralized around a character who is “Framed for a crime you didn’t commit and imprisoned for life…As the player, you must find a way to escape this seemingly impenetrable facility… Owned by the mysterious CorpX, the futuristic prison is nested in the harsh Antarctic landscape, brimming with defenses. The guards are armed to the teeth, and robots and drones patrol the halls. You’ll have to contend with a whole prison hierarchy that could see you brawling with a nemesis or trading contraband with an ally at every turn. But underneath all of this, there’s a dark story to uncover, and it will be up to you, the player, to discover the truth about CorpX, and find passage away from this place.”  Corporate secrets, corrupt guards and futuristic robots all sound like a recipe that could be exciting and engaging to many different kinds of gamers.

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The game play seems to want to give the player the power in who they become in prison.  The “classes and skill trees” allow player to choose from a variety of styles of combat, including brute force, stealthiness, hacking drones and computer systems as well as the smooth talker who is diplomatic in situations that you might face.  When forced to come to blows with an enemy, the team’s combat system is “real-time and has similarities to Metal Gear Solid 1.”  Locked Up aims to give a less hack and slash approach to the combat system and allow for perfectly timed hits to pack more of a punch and allow the user to fight to their strengths.  Some of those strengths will come from crafting weapons and at other times, it will revolve around the relationships you create and maintain through the Prison RPG.  Trading items, chatting with guards and challenging others for power will all be a part of this ecosystem that you must adapt to.


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If this game sounds like something that you would want to play, the KickStarter campaign is active until June 1st, 2017 and the team is currently at $20,000 out of a $530,000 goal.  The perks for donors are pretty solid and include the game, artwork and go all the way up to having a prisoner in the game modeled after you!  Slated to release on Steam and GOG first and eventually on Xbox One and PS4, developers said to be on the lookout for a beta late 2018 and a full release sometime soon after that. Click here for the link to the KickStarter and donate today!  As someone who loves RPG games, this Prison RPG seems like something I would back and want to play.  If KickFlip Studios can deliver on this unique and interesting premise, I think Locked Up has the chance to become the next successful Kickstarter backed game.

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