Detroit Become Human Hands On: E3 2017

This year at E3, I got an opportunity to play Detroit Become Human at Sony’s PlayStation booth and I can happily report that Quantic Dream has put together a game that will make you think of every action you take while playing the game.

In the scenario I played, I was Connor; an android police negotiator who was tailed with the objective of speaking to a rogue android who was standing on a ledge with a hostage after firefighting with the police who were on the scene investigating the situation. Detroit Become Human is fully interactive when it came to investigating the scene. You are able to check out clues and put together exactly how the crime happened, and what the current situation may be. For example, I stumbled upon a child’s shoe that had some blood on it which gave me the clue that a little girl may have been involved and may indeed be injured. In the end, she turned out to be the hostage as well.

The further you investigate and obtain detail an information on the situation at hand, the higher chance you have at succeeding in your mission. This is absolutely crucial as the slightest set back and push your percentage of success in rescuing the hostage and resolving the situation down quite a bit of percentage points. Everything you do, and everything you say in your investigation has an impact on the case. So it is very crucial and at some times tense. Quantic Dream does a fantastic job at setting the scene and making the game so suspenseful as they have in the past with games like Heavy Rain. The game looks absolutely stunning. The graphics engine Quantic Dream is using is so lifelike, that at times it felt that I was interacting with a movie instead of a game. It is truly astonishing.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product for Detroit Become Human as this is a game that should be on everyone’s radar who are fans of interactive storytelling games.

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