Dragon Ball Fighter Z Announced At E3 2017

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Announced At E3 2017

After the release of several fantastic games, and the claimed DragonBall Z Super series, Dragon Ball Z once again returns to consoles in a new fighting game.  Dragon Ball Fighter Z was announced at this years Xbox E3 press conference from Arc System Works.. The game takes a step away from the 3D fighting games and transitions into a side scroller.  Featuring one on one and three on three team combat, and will host what we can assume to be an impressive array of all of our favorite fighters.

While details are slim at the moment, we are able to confirm several classic characters that you will be able to play.  Cell, Majin Bu, Freezia, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan all make appearances in the reveal trailer.  With decades worth of characters, it is safe to assume there will be many more fighters announced in the coming days.

With several successful 3D fighters this will be the first side scroller in a while that has come to the west. With games like Xenoverse, and the Budokai series, it will be a change of pace for the Dragon Ball franchise.

There will be also a number of game modes, producer Tomomi Hiroki stated that:

“There will be a lot of elements and modes which will allow players to enjoy the game, even in single-player. I can’t get too far into what those will be but there will be a huge emphasis on single player content along with the fighting game aspect.”

So it appears there may be some story line to the game, perhaps a World Tournament mode, in which players can fight all the way to the final boss, Hercule.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is scheduled for an early 2018 release on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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