The Great Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Debate

So Kotaku has dropped the bombshell that there will be no single player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda. That it has all, in fact, been canceled. Honestly, this was not a surprise to me at all since I had already heard rumors to this effect and if you look at everything that is going on at BioWare, it should not have been a surprise to anyone.

First off, BioWare Montreal is being dismantled. This is the studio that was responsible for Mass Effect Andromeda. It is rather hard to create additional content for a game if the studio that has the talent is not going to exist any longer. Farming it out to Bioware Austin or BioWare Edmonton wouldn’t really be feasible since Edmonton has Anthem to deal with and Austin has a rumored Dragon Age title. There were also rumors back in May that Mass Effect was being put on hiatus. Hiatus pretty much means no development of new content most likely including DLC.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect Andromeda was greeted with ridicule and disdain by media outlets when it launched. Those outlets and influencers have a far louder voice than fans. Sales were undoubtedly less than expected and desired. So what motivation would BioWare have to put their time and energy into Mass Effect Andromeda? Had there been more attention paid to the story and less to animations (that were fixed) then maybe BioWare would feel Mass Effect Andromeda was less of a money pit. No company in their right mind would continue to throw resources into something that has a high failure rate. If the game didn’t sell enough copies then there isn’t any reason to create DLC. It will not increase sales numbers.

BioWare has a slick new IP it will be throwing a majority of its resources behind: Anthem, and rightly so. They stand a better chance selling the game to new players as well as established fans of BioWare games. Mass Effect Andromeda appealed mostly to fans of the original trilogy. I am not going to lie, Anthem looks amazing so far and the concept is appealing. It would be ridiculous to expect BioWare to give it less than their best. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Mass Effect fangirl but even I know asking BioWare to support DLC and sequels for a game that didn’t do as well as expected is too much.

An article was published about the development cycle for Mass Effect Andromeda and from what I have heard from friends in the know, the piece was pretty spot on. If a game has a development cycle that was chaotic and messy, then you know the company really isn’t dedicated to that game fully. Why? Well, they had other irons in the fire like Anthem. I also believe that losing many team members mid-development truly hurt Mass Effect Andromeda, especially losing people from the original trilogy team. The game was pretty much set up for failure without anyone truly realizing it.

Lastly, I ask you to think about this; before Mass Effect Andromeda was even released they announced there would not be a season pass for DLC. Do you know how rare that is now? Big name games always have season passes because DLC has already been planned and is being worked on when the title is launched. This means they already knew they were not going to be delivering on DLC anytime in the near future. While I am sure there was a plan for DLC originally, you find hints of possible DLC in-game, it was all “scrapped” before the release of Mass Effect Andromeda.  

Now I am not saying there won’t be some eventually or that there won’t be a sequel. However, I do not think fans can expect to see anything Mass Effect related for 4-5 years. There are two new titles in the works, Anthem and rumored Dragon Age, and neither has a solid release date. It is doubtful that Mass Effect Andromeda will get any love before those titles are nearing completion. Sorry, but this is just how I see it when viewed with an eye for logic and not a fangirl’s fantasies.