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Need For Speed Official Reveal Coming Tomorrow

by on June 1, 2017

Have you had a Need For Speed lately? Well you won’t have to wait around for much longer as the official NFS Twitter made an announcement that the official reveal for the game will be coming tomorrow.

The link in the tweet takes you to the Need For Speed YouTube page so the reveal will be happening on YouTube at those designated times. For our friends on the east coast, you can expect to see the full reveal at 9 AM EDT, and 8 AM for central time. Not much can be told from this teaser screenshot but from the looks of it we can expect a lot of drifting! I’m sure there will be even more at E3 as well regarding NFS at EA Play, and it will be interesting to see how things work out with their lead moving on to Amazon Game Studios. The last Need For Speed game that was released was back in 2015 when NFS: No Limits was released for the iOS and Android. Before that, the last console Need For Speed game that was released was earlier that year as a rebooted franchise titled Need For Speed. It will be interesting to see what this NFS title is named when it is revealed tomorrow on YouTube. But either way, we’ll find out more tomorrow morning! Keep it locked to Mammoth for complete coverage of this reveal!

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