New Pokemon Games announced For Nintendo Switch and 3DS

New Pokemon Games announced For Nintendo Switch and 3DS

Pokemon is a video game series that has always belonged on the handheld. There have been many spin-off titles on home consoles and mobile, but the iconic mainline series has always been on Nintendo handheld systems. Since before the Nintendo Switch official reveal, there has been speculation of a mainline Pokemon games hitting a console for the first time in franchise history. In a similar vein to how Pokemon Red/Blue had Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Gold/Silver had Pokemon Crystal, there were rumours of a Pokemon Stars, or Eclipse, to accompany Sun and Moon.

The wait grows longer as today we heard details on some other ‘new’ Pokemon games hitting both the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS. Pokken Tournament, originally a Wii U title, will see a deluxe edition hit the Switch in the form of Pokken Tournament DX on September 22nd this year. It will feature five new Pokemon, including Scizor. Why this announcement couldn’t wait until E3 I don’t know. Hopefully it’s jam-packed with other unannounced titles that aren’t revamped ports.

Also announced: Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon for 3DS, coming later this year. It will feature a major content update, with a new story to boot. A moment to discuss the presentation; I find it dull and uninspiring. The English voiceover was unenthused and the initial trailer seemed more budget than substance. Our hope lives on in the possibility of a Pokemon Ultra Stars hitting the Nintendo Switch in 2018. For now, however, we’re left wanting by this brief and unwarranted presentation.

Daf Gape

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