NHL 18 Cover Athlete And New Information

NHL 18 Cover Athlete And New Information

Wednesday night, the NHL announced the cover athlete for the later iteration of the EA Sports NHL franchise: NHL 18.  It will feature cover athlete, Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers.  McDavid just finished his second season in the NHL and scored 100 points in 82 games.  

The game will feature all of the classics, and is adding more game modes such as a 3-on-3 threes mode, and an Expansion Draft, where you are able to draft your own expansion team, and join the league.

As usual, the game will release in a normal edition, special edition, and a deluxe special edition.  The special edition this year are titled “Young Stars” and “Young Stars Deluxe” respectively.  Both editions come with additional content which you would normally get with an NHL special edition, as well as some exclusives revolving around McDavid himself.

Both editions will have a McDavid Hockey Ultimate Team item, a McDavid celebration, and an Adidas Ultimate Team custom uniform.  The Young Stars edition will come with 20 gold packs for the Ultimate team, and a Rookie HUT item from a team of the player’s choice.  The Deluxe edition comes with all of the Young Stars items, and an additional 20 packs.

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