Amazon Prime Day is Coming

Amazon Prime Day is Coming

Fellow electronic geeks and video game nerds rejoice! Amazon Prime Day is almost here! For those of you who do not know, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, on July 11th and some of the days leading up to it, offer some amazing deals both digital, and physical.  Here is a rundown of what the days look like coming up:

  • July 7: Prime Video deals
  • July 8: Deals on Everyday Essentials
  • July 9: Prime Reading deals and sneak peeks into the deals
  • July 10: Voice-only Prime Day deals start at 7pm EST for Alexa device owners. Amazon Prime Day starts at 9pm EST for all Prime members.
  • July 11: Amazon Prime Day with hundreds of new deals every few minutes.

Along with these cool deals, there are some discounts for customers who own an Amazon device with Alexa, it’s voice command operating system. Some deals include $20 dollars off a year of Prime, $10 off first time voice orders and a slew of other odds and ends.  Personally, I just purchased the Amazon Tap refurbished, which is a Bluetooth speaker with hands free capabilities, for half the cost of a brand new model.  You truly can’t beat that, and it will all be at my house in 2 days or less!

Some past deals have included TVs, speakers, clothing, video games, DVDs and much more. The official start of Amazon Prime Day is 9 p.m. EST on July 10, and it runs through 3 a.m. EST on July 12. Be sure to check out this amazing opportunity, because just like Christmas, Amazon Prime Day only comes one time a year!

Ken Borter

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