Classic Arcade Game Galaga is Heading to the Small Screen

Classic Arcade Game Galaga is Heading to the Small Screen

The popular 1980’s space arcade game Galaga is getting its own animated TV show. The plotless extermination of an endless barrage of alien by a nameless astronaut would now have a backstory.

The Sweden and L.A. based production company The Nuttery Entertainment has signed an agreement with the creator of Galaga, the Japanese video game firm Bandai Namco Entertainment, to develop new characters and stories for the Galaga animated series titled Galaga Chronicles and other ways to enrich the thirty-five-year-old brand.

Galaga is the latest addition of video games converting to possible money-making TV/ Movie franchises. Galaga joins the likes of the prime-time game show called Candy Crush Saga and the cartoon of Pac Man titled Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures to appear in the small screen.

Unfortunately, the quality of movies that are based on video games has not been kind to regular moviegoers, video gamers, or to film critics. The movie can range from so bad it’s good such as the first Mortal Kombat to mindless motion pictures such as Tomb Raider franchise, or to the downright terrible such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Though some video games films can achieve some sort of charm to the viewer that they regarded as a guilty pleasure or graded with an O.K. rating, the best mainstream and hyped video game films have been mediocre at best such as World of Warcraft.

The quantity of video games media appearing in the small screen is very small compared to the movie media. Ones have been forgotten in the annals of time, whether good or bad, and others have not achieved a mainstream audience though achieving critical acclaim and positive viewing numbers such as Castlevania on Netflix.

Unlike its counterparts of the small screen, there is no announcement from the studios when Galaga Chronicles would be set to air. But Galaga is riding the red hot retro gaming phase that has recaptured the hearts of many and caught the aesthetic look to others.