Legion’s Noah Hawley Announces his new project: Doctor Doom

Legion’s Noah Hawley Announces his new project: Doctor Doom

Amidst the critical and commercial failure of the 2015 Fantastic Four movie, Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley announced to the fans attending the Thursday’s 20th Century Fox Legion Panel that he is working on a new Doctor Doom movie for 20th Century Fox.

At the end of the panel Hawley announced to the fans, “I’ll just say two words. The first one is Doctor and the next is Doom.” gripping the fans with anticipation and excitement.

The arch-villain of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom will be of the one first superheroes character to star as the main and ONLY villain lead of an U.S superhero movie.

The announcement of the Doctor Doom also solidifies the game plan that 20th Century Fox has taken for its superhero license: a game plan that shows superhero stories and its characters in a mature way with no clear sign of absolute good or evil. It can be predicted that the new Doctor Doom movie, similar to the Fox’s recent big hits DeadPool and Logan, will have mature theme and a overall different style from Disney’s Marvel properties or the Warner Bros. DC properties.

Do not worry Doom has this

The announcement of the Doctor film shows a fresh and creative take to revamp the Fantastic Four franchise which has failed to meet critical and commercial acclaim.

There was no information announced regarding casting or release date for the movie of one of Marvel’s original and staple villains at the 7/20/2017 announcement as it still not begun its premature stage of development. There is no mention whether this Doctor Doom would be a continuation of the 2015 Fantastic Four movie or a total reboot.

Hawley’s critically acclaimed superhero show “Legion” has been green lighted for a second season before the premier of season 1 sixth episode. Recently, Noah Hawley finished the third installment of Fargo.