Dragon Ball Fighter Z Closed Beta Sign Ups

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Closed Beta Sign Ups

Bandai Namco announced recently that they will be running a closed beta for the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Fighter Z game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.   Xbox Players are able to sign up through the Xbox Insider Program and over at the Bandai website for PlayStation 4 owners.

The closed beta will run the weekend of September 16th and 17th.  It was first announced at the Evo Fighting tournament and set to run the last week of July.  However in order to allow more players to play, they pushed it back while they worked on “capacity”.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Fighter Z launches sometime in 2018, and features a cast of your favorite Z Heroes and Villains.  However those who pre-order early get access to exclusive skins for Vegeta, and Goku.

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