New Hunt: Showdown Dev Diary Is All About The Weapons

New Hunt: Showdown Dev Diary Is All About The Weapons

Hunt: Showdown the upcoming shooter from Crytek is coming along very nicely. I was shown off a demonstration at E3 2017 this past June and the game looked extremely impressive. One of the things that I thought was most unique about the game were the weapons and today, Crytek released a dev diary that talks all about the weapons in Hunt: Showdown.

Senior 3D Artist Alexander Asmus had this to say about weapon design:

“I like to have one weapon that excels in fighting other players and one weapon that excels in fighting monsters,” explained Alexander. “I like the range advantage and high damage when engaging other Hunters. So the Mosin-Nagant is a favorite because if you land the shot to the torso you usually kill the player. For grunts shotguns are the way to go. A shotgun-Mosin combination works really well, but of course you always have to remember that if you die, you lose that equipment.”

For more on from dev diary, check out the official page at the link below, and be sure to check out the dev diary following the break! For more on Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown, make sure you stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers!

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