Destiny 2 Log: A Review in Progress

Destiny 2 Log: A Review in Progress

I’ve been asked to review Destiny 2. With Destiny being one of my most favorite game franchises, reviewing its sequel is something I do not take lightly. I want to take my time and experience everything the game has to offer. So while trying to give both the game and our readers a fair and timely review a friend, who I’ve played Destiny with since the original Destiny alpha and prior, gave me a suggestion that I found to work the best. I will have a series of Destiny logs depicting my adventure from day to day until I experience all the game has to offer. These logs will have minimal to no spoilers but will touch on some new mechanics and gameplay modes that some may want to be surprised by. That being said, this current log will focus on the first couple hours of the game, from your first missions on Earth to leaving for Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Destiny Log: Hunter: Awoken: Male.


A Hunter channeling its best Darth Maul.

I’ve spent four years in this world. Four years playing the same title. This is not something I normally do. I have spent countless hours and days playing my favorite game series, like Uncharted, Kingdom Hearts, and Assassin’s Creed. However, in those games, once the story ends, so does the game. Not Destiny. This game continues to live, and live in it I did. With so much time and so much effort put into my Destiny character, I was a bit worried about starting over in Destiny 2. Those fears dissipated quickly from the moment I hit X. The game pays homage to your previous accomplishments of the past three years. This was an emotional journey for me and many Guardians who put as much, if not more, time into this world. The story starts with the fall of your past. A place that has honestly felt like home was being attacked and burned to the ground. I was left feeling many emotions. Fear. Sadness. Hatred. This is starting to feel like the path to the dark side. Nevertheless, even with feeling all of those emotions there was one that was burning hotter than the rest: anger. I have never been this mad at a video game character before. Dominius Ghaul was taking my home, killing my brothers and sisters, and all I could do was watch. I, the Destroyer of Atheon, the Capturer of Skolas, the Conqueror of Crota, the Slayer of Oryx, and the Deleter of Aksis, had no power to stop this destruction.


The Light is gone and The Traveler needs our help.

He will feel my wrath, but I need to regain my power. Meeting new characters such as Hawthorne and Dev have been a welcome change in Destiny. Characters before were just static NPCs that lived in the Tower, Reef or The Iron Temple. However, now they are in the world fighting alongside you. Yes, they still don’t go with you on missions, but they still exist in the battlefield. These characters add color to the lands that the Traveler did not touch, showing us that you don’t have to be a Guardian to push back the Darkness.

The first area you visit is the EDZ (European Dead Zone). It’s anything but dead. Fallen are running around, causing mayhem and destruction, while Red Legion Cabal forces are raining hellfire and reinforcements down on your head. These enemies will have to wait, though. You need to get to get your light back. This is where I’ll leave it vague, although I will say this is still my favorite mission in all of Destiny so far. This includes the entirety of the main game.

This is where my first log will end. I have so much more of the world to explore and much power to gain. So far this is exactly what I wanted from the sequel to one of my favorite games, and I personally can’t wait to tell all of the new things I’ve experienced in my next log. Until then, stand strong and keep those eyes up, Guardians. We will take back the Traveler, I know it.     

Mark Kriska

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