Project Cars Developer doing a Fast & Furious Game

Project Cars Developer doing a Fast & Furious Game

During an interview, Project CARS developer Ian Bell may have revealed the developer’s next big project.

The developer, best known for his work at Slightly Mad Studios and the Project CARS series, went on a live stream interview with popular YouTuber, SpotTheOzzie to promote the latest iteration of the racing franchise.

During the interview however, Bell let slip that Slightly Mad Studios had made a deal with a major Hollywood company to work on tie-in games for a major franchise for the next six years. This has lead many to speculate that the major Hollywood company is Universal Pictures, and the major franchise is Fast & Furious.

Although he did not directly name drop the franchise, the studio has proven that they can make one of the best racing games on the market and have more than stellar history. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if Universal did decide to give the long awaited video game tie-in to Slightly Mad Studios.

Bell went on to talk more about Project CARS 2, how it rivals against the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo and how he believes PC2 has been received by Xbox-centric and PlayStation-focused sites and magazines.

Project CARS 2 is out September 22nd on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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