10 Nintendo Franchises that need a Switch Treatment

10 Nintendo Franchises that need a Switch Treatment

The success of the Nintendo Switch in its first year is nothing short of great. I always admire when a flagship company makes innovations, but love it even more when it works. Nintendo has always been attempting to innovate and have had their fair share of failures (Sorry Wii U). However, great hardware needs great software. Nintendo, in my opinion, has the greatest selection of software franchises going, and many are calling out for the favourites to get the Switch treatment. Here is a list of the 10 franchises that haven’t been announced and I believe are most deserving of a new installment on Nintendo’s latest console.



At number 10 is the Excite franchise. Excite is an underrated franchise that has seen some form of release on every Nintendo home platform except the SNES. Excitebike, especially, has been released and re-released in many iterations; there’s even a track dedicated to the series in Mario Kart 8 and MK8 Deluxe. However, what I would like to see is the return of Excite Truck or, possibly, some amalgamation of the both. Call it something like Excite Rally and feature both Trucks and Bikes. Give us some crazy mud ramps to dive over and some compelling gameplay and I’m all in.

9.Brain Training

Super Mario Odyssey

Brain Training is one of the best selling Nintendo franchises to date. Let that sink in for a second. Has it sunk in? Good. Now I’m not saying that it’s one of the greatest Nintendo franchises ever, but it’s hard to argue that Brain Training wouldn’t appeal to the broader casual audience. Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to improve themselves and, while Brain Training isn’t a system seller, I believe at the right price point it could have a fairly large attach rate. I think it’s about time to bring back Brain Training. Make me 20 again!

8.Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion is a series that a lot of players have missed out on. One of the more beloved franchises among Ninty die-hards, Luigi’s Mansion deserves another shot, especially after two well-received outings on the Gamecube and 3DS. There have already been pieces of fan art displaying mock-ups of Luigi’s Mansion-themed Joy-Con. Jan Neves created an April Fool’s Day Luigi’s Mansion 3 Trailer which you can see here. Nintendo, give the fans what they want and put Luigi’s Mansion on Nintendo Switch!

7.Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Odyssey

I think it’s fair to say that Super Mario Maker caught a lot of people by surprise. While being able to create your own levels with assets from the Mario universe sounds appealing, few expected the sheer popularity that this game garnered. Whether it was down to Wii U owners being starved of great games (or any games) or just getting the chance to use the Wii U gamepad for something worthwhile, Super Mario Maker was a great success. Being able to have two screens would be sorely missed, but not difficult to rectify with a button to switch between the two (No pun intended). Also, it wouldn’t even have to be Mario levels, imagine creating your own top-down Zelda dungeons, or areas of your own Metroid world! Super Mario/Zelda/Metroid Maker for the Nintendo Switch makes too much sense. Believe!

6.Paper Mario

Super Mario Odyssey


The Paper Mario franchise is responsible for one of the best RPGs of the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. However except for this and the first Paper Mario game, the following iterations have been either pale imitations or flat out poor titles. Having a title that was comparable to earlier Paper Mario games on the Nintendo Switch, especially following the success of Mario + Rabbids, is a salivating proposition. Heck, even give the job to Ubisoft! They’ve clearly shown their ability to create great titles while respecting the Mario IP.

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