Amazon Delays Some SNES Classic System Pre-Orders

Amazon Delays Some SNES Classic System Pre-Orders

Pre-orders for the SNES Classic System from Amazon appear to have been delayed again. On October 10th, notifications started being sent to customers who held pre-orders on the SNES Classic System, stating that the item is, “not yet available.” Customers have been voicing their frustration on Twitter, having pre-ordered the system when they were first available in August.

SNES Classic

Treasure Trucks appear to be the main concern affecting the late pre-orders, which have yet to set a delivery date in stone. Treasure Trucks are available in select cities across the country. If there’s a Treasure Truck offer day in your city, you simply select the option in the programs and features section of the Amazon App. Then, buy what you would like, and pick up from the truck. SNES Classics were available from the truck on launch day, allowing customers to purchase the system without a pre-order. Leaving many who pre-ordered the system wondering why theirs hasn’t been shipped.

Amazon still allows customers to retain their pre-order in the notification email. The email asks if they are still interested in the SNES or would like to cancel. As is Amazon’s policy, no money has been taken from customers until the order is ready to ship. Many gamers are becoming increasingly impatient. For more on the SNES Classic, keep stopping by Mammoth Gamers!

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