Destiny 2 Log 5 – A Review in Progress (Complaints)

This entry will be a tad different. This is going to be my last entry. This will be focused on all of the things that I dislike, or had negative feelings about leading about Destiny 2. My feelings could have been altered since launch, but I will be sharing what I felt when I found out about them and how they affect me now. So I’m sorry if this part is overly negative, just know I still love Destiny 2 and our full, numbered, the review will be up soon.


Shaders have been a hot-button topic for Destiny 2 for players since we started discovering how to acquire and use them. In the original Destiny, you would get a shader and then you could use it to shade your entire guardian. If you had too many shaders on your person you could break them down and then pull them out of a kiosk near Eva Levante. However, this has all changed in Destiny 2. We now have more customizable options. Each piece of gear can have its own shader, along with every legendary weapon. The problem now is that we don’t have a clear way to acquire specific shaders outside of Raids, Strikes, the Crucible, and Trials. This isn’t the main problem, the real problem comes from the fact that we don’t have a clear way to get the shader we want and they are one time uses. If you equip a shader to a piece of armor you now cannot unequip it to use on something else. You now have to hope for the shader to drop again. This has had a lot of players upset. However, after seeing this new system in the wild, I personally have become less upset about it. It seems most shaders will drop from engrams, while some will be up to purchase from Eververse.  Although my favorite aspect of this new shader system is the gear associated with the shader. Trials gear is colored like the Trials shader standard and the same with the Raid gear. This system still needs work, but it is much better than we initially thought.  

Lack of Options:

This is a tough one because Bungie has done such a good job this time around making sure we always have something to do. However, there are a few options we had in the original  Destiny. First off is the ability to replay the story. I know “why would you want to replay the story”, it’s an odd complaint. Although there are some soon scenes I would like to revisit with my current guardian. Ikora has three story mission at higher power levels, however, they are random and out of your hands.

Another aspect I miss from original Destiny is the ability to pick the Strike I want to do. Both the Strike and Crucible playlists are now random as well. You don’t know which strike you are about to get jumping into the playlist and with Crucible you have no control what game mode you are about to get until you’re already in the game. These are small complaints but I would like a bit more control over what I’m about to do.

This brings me to my final point in lack of options; Heroic Strikes. In Destiny, you had the option to play Heroic Strikes which were somewhere in between Strikes and Nightfalls. They would be for higher powered Guardians to get better gear and weapons through matchmaking. This is one of the main things I hope to see come back in future updates.

Lack of Elite Content

One major criticism players had in Destiny was dealing with content they couldn’t get into because they didn’t have enough friends with an event like the Raid or that too high of a skill wall with Trials and Iron Banner. This is very true. If you didn’t have a good amount of friends the Raid would always be off limits, and if you were like me Trials was an event that should have been called ‘Pure Stress’. However, these events were extremely special. When you walked around the Tower and a Guardian was standing front of you with a set of Trials gear or Raid gear you knew this person was good. Now in Destiny 2 all of these events are not only easier to get into but easier to accomplish. When you walk around the Tower you see plenty of Guardians in Raid gear, and this is great news because so many people are experiencing the Raid but it also kills the feeling of showing off the Raid gear.

Now with Trials, and Iron Banner, these events used to take you Light Level into account. This means if your Light (Power) level was too low you would get your clock cleaned in these events. Now Power level doesn’t matter. This brings down the bar of entry and ensures more players will have access to these events. Now I want to be clear, I am ecstatic more player is getting to experience these events I had the luck of experiencing in the original Destiny. However, this means great players can no longer separate themselves from the pack. With the Prestige Raid on the horizon, I can only hope this is the difference I’m looking for.

There honestly isn’t much wrong with Destiny 2. I have my complaints here and there, however, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played and am very excited to see what they do in the coming weeks with Iron Banner and Prestige Mode Raid, and with that my complaints may be addressed and fixed. Only time will tell, but I am very excited. If you are looking for one of the best shooters ever made look no further then Destiny 2. This game will only get better with time and you will want to say you’ve been there from the beginning, trust me. 

Mark Kriska is a journalist for Mammoth Gamers. He plays primarily on PlayStation but also plays on Xbox and Nintendo systems. Mark is an all around nerd and if he is not playing games he's watching sports, movies, or TV and if all else fails enjoying a nice book or comic.