Destiny 2 Log 3 – A Review in Progress (In Game Content)

Destiny 2 Log 3 – A Review in Progress (In Game Content)

Destiny 2 Log Entry 3: Hunter: Awoken: Male

There is so much to see outside the wall, outside the four planets we called home for so long. The EDZ (European Dead Zone) is far from dead, but death hides behind every corner, every rusted car, and every rock. While I’m exploring this new patch of land I sometimes forget just how big Earth is. I’ve spent so much time in Old Russia it’s hard to remember there is more out there. However, Earth is big and just as beautiful as it was before the collapse. Even with the Fallen and Cabal roaming around trying to kill us.

Destiny 2 has learned so much from its predecessor. From always feeling like you’re progressing, to the constant feeling that there is something to do. A coworker here at Mammoth almost even hit max level, twenty for those of you wondering, before even leaving Earth. This is because there are Public Events everywhere, adventures to complete, and Lost Sectors to find. Even while completing a story mission you can be sidetracked if you see the unmistakable symbol for a Lost Sector, or find yourself running through an already active Public Event. Adventures, on the other hand, act as side quests, adding lore and stories that are self-contained but also hint at what’s to come. Bungie heard your complaints that there wasn’t a clear path from A to B and delivered on its solution. Story missions are clearly marked with a red banner with the symbol of the Red Legion, while everything else has a smaller symbol of their own. This is a vast improvement over the original Destiny.

Destiny 2

Progression for your Guardian hasn’t been completely overhauled from the first game. However, Bungie had so many iterations in D1 that it’s worth noting what they settled on. In the original Destiny, progression has always been a sore spot for Guardians. Getting from level one to max level was a straightforward process of getting “x” amount of experience until you level up. Repeat this until you hit level 20 in original Destiny or level 40 in Destiny: The Taken King. This has remained unchanged in Destiny 2, with a max level of 20. Although, this hasn’t been where the confusion normally rests. The most common problem in Destiny was how to increase your Light, which has now been renamed Power. Now, I’m not going to go into all the different ways you had to obtain this Light in Destiny, partly because we don’t have enough time and partly because it doesn’t matter. In Destiny 2 the progression is simple: play. Your power level will naturally grow over time just by playing the game and equipping the best gear you have. From the very start of the game, you will have a power level that is influenced by the defense of your gear and the attack of your weapons. This number will fluctuate depending on what you have equipped. Commons (white) and uncommon (green) will be the majority of your gear until about level 10, then the real gear starts dropping. Rares (blue) will then begin to drop more frequently, with the occasional legendary (purple) drop. This is how you move past power level 100 until you notice a quick plateau in progression. 265 is the soft level cap. What this means is that, once you hit this level, your ways to increase your power will be more specific.

Trials, Raids, Nightfall Strikes, Weekly Milestones will be the only way to increase your light. This is the end game. Congratulations!!! You did it! This is where experienced Guardians and new Kinder-Guardians, who want to be big and powerful, will live the rest of the game. Every Tuesday, Destiny will reset, giving us new Milestones to complete, a new Nightfall Strike, and resets all raid progression from the week before, allowing you to obtain raid rewards again. These events and Milestones will grant you powerful gear. Gear that is guaranteed to be a better Power level than the gear you currently own. This will gradually bring your Guardians Power level up week to week with the occasional exotic (yellow) gear or weapon drop that will also aid your progression. This is Destiny’s way to keeping you coming back and also to give you a goal in the game, which the original Destiny didn’t have.

Destiny 2 has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had gear hunting in any game I’ve played and I’m very excited to see how new events and new gear. Events like Iron Banner, Faction Rally, and Prestige Mode on Raids will introduce new gear and weapons to increase your Guardian’s power. This is looking to be a long and loot-filled life inside this world.

Mark Kriska

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