Destiny 2 Log 4 – A Review in Progress (End Game)

Destiny 2 Log 4 – A Review in Progress (End Game)

Destiny 2: Log Entry 4: Hunter: Awoken: Male

With our most recent threat defeated, we had nowhere else to look but forward. A spire and an invitation are all that’s left. It shows up like clockwork: The Spire. It’s a place of pure mystery, and a place you can only get to by defeating the fellow Guardians in the Crucible. Shaxx seems to have no control of it, yet also doesn’t seem to be trying. Then there is this…invitation. The Emperor of the Cabal, he wants to see us. It also seems like he wants to use some sort of “Leviathan” to eat Nessus so that he can drink the dust as wine. I don’t think this is going to be easy.

The emissary; Agent of the Nine and organizer of Trials of the Nine.

Bungie has wasted little time bringing back the end game content to its more diehard fans. Trials of the Nine and The Leviathan Raid are here, and they are great. Both of these events are the supreme end game content to its counterparts. If you are a Crucible player your Raid is Trials of the Nine, and if you prefer PVE then the raid is where your next step should take you. Let’s start with Trials of the Nine.

Trials has changed quite a bit from original Destiny. In Trials of Osiris (the name of the event in D1) you had two teams of three guardians. These guardians’ only goal was to defeat the other three opponents without dying. You and your team had the ability to revive each other as many times as they could get to you, and heavy ammo (now called power ammo) would only spawn after four rounds, and your Light (what Power level was called in D1) level being taken into account. This is very different from Trials of the Nine. Now the game mode will be one from the competitive playlist. This means one week we may see the game mode Countdown; where one team is tasked with arming a bomb while the other team is tasked with defusing it, or Survival – a game mode that gives your team 8 revives to use, but once they are out you cannot respawn. As you can see, these modes are very different. Both modes are perma-death unless a fellow teammate can get there to revive you, however, your revives are limited to how many of your teammates are alive. You have 4 revives available at the start of a match, but if three teammates go down, (oh did I forget to mention it’s now 4v4) you only have one revive left.

All in all, Trials still feels like that elite top tier multiplier experience even with all of its changes.  When I first heard Trials was going to be 4v4 and your power level wasn’t going to matter I was worried, however, I still get destroyed in this game mode. Part of me still hopes Trials of Osiris makes a full comeback in the first expansion of Destiny, Curse of Osiris, but we will just have to wait and see.


The entrance to the Leviathan Raid.

With Trials being the PVP equivalent to endgame content, PVE would need something as well; The Leviathan Raid. The Leviathan Raid is what all PVE Guardians have been preparing for during the course of Destiny 2. With the whole raid centered around teamwork and communication. Now I won’t be going into detail about how to complete each room in this review. However just know that if you don’t have a very talkative group of friends the raid might be quite a challenge. From calling out top, middle, or bottom so your shooters know what arrows to shoot, or guiding your friends through a room full of Warbeast so they won’t be seen. The raid focuses on combat to get into the room and teamwork and puzzle solving to complete the room. This is a welcome balance and one I loved seeing. In the original Destiny, most puzzles, minus jumping puzzles, had combat elements that forced a sense of chaos. This was okay and fun but also hectic. It’s nice seeing new aspects to the raid that have not been explored in Destiny so far. This also means the raid is a bit more laidback than prior raids. This is both a good and bad thing. For one raid it feels nice and adds variety, but if all raids that will be coming with later expansions are this slow paced it will get boring very quickly. However, we will cross that bridge when we got to it.

Regardless of if you are a PVP or PVE player the end game is full of excitement and gear to chase. You will have to bring your A game to complete these activities, but thankfully you won’t be alone. If you’re lucky you will be accompanied by your clanmates and friends who all want to see the top of The Spire, or what makes Ghaul tick. This is what it takes to become legend.

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