FIFA 18 for Switch: What You Don’t Get For Your Money

When EA announced that their best selling franchise, FIFA, was going to make its way to the Switch, there was a tentative buzz. People were excited to see third party support, but the reluctance to name the title FIFA 18 left a lot of people wondering if this was destined to be another poor Nintendo port.

What I first need to say is that FIFA 18 on Switch is, for the most part, very enjoyable. If there was no other version of the game available then this article wouldn’t exist and we’d all be having a kickabout in blissful ignorance. However, this is not the case. There are some key components missing on the Nintendo platform, as well as some of the bells and whistles you might expect in 2017.

The Journey is a soap-opera-style campaign lasting 10-12 hours where you follow the story of fictional rags-to-riches footballer Alex Hunter. At the forefront of the marketing for the previous installment of FIFA in 2016, its expanded sequel is absent on Nintendo Switch. This is down mostly to the different game engine used. The Frostbite engine, now used on all EA franchises, has not been used for the Nintendo Switch. This is possibly due to the processing power or the limited time EA had to churn out FIFA 18 for Switch. The engine used instead appears to be that of 2016, or some version of it at least.

Career Mode lacks some of the frills added to FIFA 18 and while they are a nice touch to the series, they won’t be missed. Ultimate Mode does not have a number of modes that are featured on other consoles. Squad Battles and Weekend Leagues are both missing from the Mario machine. This isn’t the biggest issue with the lack of online options however. There is no matchmaking option other than Seasons and Cup matches. You cannot play online with your friends.

You cannot play online with your friends.

The Switch’s online service is beyond poor and, while this may be a large reason for the absence, there is no excuse for this. Online matchmaking was first introduced in FIFA in the year 2000. How is it not possible to have enough of a grasp on the concept to have it in FIFA 18, 17 years later? It is simply not acceptable in this day and age for there to be such a stark void in a Triple-A franchise such as this.

Hopefully EA Sports are planning to implement it at a later date but, for now, unless you take your Switch to your friends, you’re not playing with them.

That sums up most of the disappointments with the Nintendo Switch edition of FIFA 18. Which feature could you not live without? Would you buy FIFA 18 on Switch? Let us know in the comments section below.

Daf Gape is an actor who also enjoys a video game or two. Occasionally he thinks his opinion is worth sharing. Occasionally.