Forza Motorsport 7 Review: Still The King Of The Hill

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Ever since 2005, Turn 10 Studios has given us masterpiece after masterpiece in the simulation racing genre: Forza Motorsport. This year is no different. Forza Motorsport 7 has once again proven that it is the top dog.

Forza Motorsport seems to always up the ante when it comes to visuals. The game is quite simply a masterpiece to look at. There were times while playing the game that I found myself staring into an endless vista while easily distracted from the road in front of me and my racing opponents. Coupled with the new dynamic weather system, and abundance of vehicles to choose from, there isn’t much reason to play another racing simulator.

The weather system in Forza Motorsport 7 is the most dynamic and realistic I have ever seen both visually, and aesthetically.

The main aspect that sets Forza Motorsport 7 higher than the competition is the extreme attention to detail. From the rain beading on your windshield while driving 140 mph, or the lens flair from the distant sun as you make your way through turn 4, Turn 10’s attention to detail is unprecedented in this iteration of Forza.

Aside from the game looking top notch, the controls and sound are top shelf as well. While I played the game primarily with an Xbox One controller, I felt as if I was in complete control. Along with tight controls, across every turn were the squealing wheels of my tires, the roars of engines downshifting as I maneuvered my way through corners.

Different modes of play are all still here. From the arcade mode giving you the simplicity to select a car, select a track and rev up your engines, to the in depth career mode that has you chasing the Forza Driver’s Cup – giving the career mode a sort of “end game”. It’s a nice touch and always has a bearing on what you are striving to achieve while attempting to reach your final goal.

forza motorsport

Mods and upgrades to your car are still here and if you want to make your car fast and furious, you won’t have much problem doing so. From engine upgrades and modifications, transmission ratios, paint jobs, decals, spoiler/wings, door sills, window tint, and rims – this game has all the mods you could ask for.

The one caveat I had was when trying to upgrade or modify my car, I noticed all of this is done just prior to the race event, not before you select it. Sure, this is something very minor, but something I did notice as changes like these in past Forza games were always done prior to your race.

Another small issue I noticed while playing Forza was the load times. From the menu screen, to the time you can actually start your race, the times were very substantial and took a decent amount of time. I, for one, did not mind the load times very much as, understandably, this game is packing a lot of punch on the graphical side. But an impatient gamer might understandably think otherwise and frown at the load times in the game. I can positively report that the frame rate is extremely smooth and crisp, and I did not experience any drops in frame rate while playing the game.

Aside from just a couple minor inadequacies, Forza Motorsport 7 is by far the best racing simulation game out there. There are a few contenders for the crown, but as it stands now, Forza is still king of the hill as far as this genre goes. Forza Motorsport 7 is available now on the Xbox One and PC. For more on Forza, make sure you keep it locked to MammothGamers.com!

A review copy for this game was provided by the publisher, Microsoft Studios.


The Good

  • Top notch graphics as this is one of the best looking video games in the industry today
  • The controls are tight and will make you grip the controller or wheel (depending on what you are racing with)
  • Variety of cars to choose from as usual
  • In depth career mode allowing an ultimate end goal to strive for

The Bad

  • Menu system can get a bit confusing
  • Load times may be worry some for some players
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