Nintendo Switch Production Has Been Increased

Nintendo Switch Production Has Been Increased

Nintendo has reportedly increased the production of their Nintendo Switch consoles to a whopping 2 million units a month. This is pleasant news as Nintendo has not always met the supply with the demand in the past involving Nintendo Switch units.

Digitimes states that the increase in production was motivated by the demand for the console in Asia and to meet their projected target numbers for 2017. By the end of June 2017, the company had already sold 4.7 million Switch units. With the impressive sales numbers they received, they were motivated to increase production.

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Nintendo plans to release the console in China in early 2018, but supply for the Nintendo Switch is still low in countries like Japan, and in countries like Taiwan the console just isn’t available. Hopefully the increase in production and relationships with companies like Tencent will make the Switch more available to others. This holiday season should prove profitable for the Switch, especially if they can meet the demand for potential buyers.


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