The SNES Classic Can Be Hacked

It felt like the moment the SNES Classic was released that the attempts at hacking the system would begin. Now there is a tutorial showing you exactly how to do it and it looks like you can add your own ROM’s to the console.

How to hack your SNES Mini!

The video, from Skullator shows you everything you need to do if you’d like to add missing games to the system. Although you should be warned this could break your console and seeing that the system is sold out everywhere, you may not want to fly so close to the sun.

“This is an early version of the exploit, so it’s quite a few steps and a reasonably complicated process which is likely to become a bit easier in the coming few weeks,” said YouTuber Skullator. “However if you want to get started adding your own Roms to the SNES mini today, this is the only method I am aware of which will allow for this.”

It’s worth noting that the NES Classic ultimately had a tool that made it simple to add games to the system. Current owners and any future buyers hope that these tools will become available in the future, so they won’t have to risk breaking their console.

Nintendo and retailers have confirmed more units will be released before the holiday season.

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