Snowfall kicks off Cities: Skylines’ Expansion Pass

Snowfall kicks off Cities: Skylines’ Expansion Pass

Cities: Skylines – PlayStation 4 Edition will be receiving an expansion pass on November 14th.

Since its launch of back in August, Paradox Interactive has been working tirelessly to expand the core experience of the game. After months of hard work, they’re ready to bring new features to Cities: Skylines that fans have come to expect from the game.  

The expansion kicks off with “Snowfall”, which adds a weather system to the game, plus Winter-themed towns for all to enjoy. Following that, the Season Pass will include seven new additions, each optimized for the PlayStation 4. With the Season Pass players will receive:

Snowfall (full expansion)

Natural Disasters (full expansion)

Mass Transit (full expansion)

High Tech Buildings (content creator pack)

Art Deco (content creator pack)

Relaxation Station (radio station DLC)

Rock City (radio station DLC)

Cities: Skylines

Snowfall, the Season Pass, and the new Cities: Skylines Premium Edition are all coming on November 14th. For more on Cities, check out our review and keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers!

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