6 Great Characters For The Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Season Pass

6 Great Characters For The Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Season Pass

Dragon Ball FighterZ is looking to be a very promising 2D fighting game, which is refreshing to see considering the past few Dragon Ball games have been 3D, arena-style fighters. The developers at Arc System Works really seem to be bringing their A-game as Dragon Ball FighterZ looks stunning in motion. Already they’ve announced a nice variety of characters ranging from fan favourites like Gohan and Future Trunks, to more unique choice, such as Captain Ginyu. However, there are still some characters from the Dragon Ball universe I’d like to see announced, either at launch or through DLC.

  1. Hit (Dragon Ball Super)

hit dragon ball super

I’m not too sure whether Arc System Works are considering the latest edition to the Dragon Ball anime when deciding characters. But if they are, then Hit needs to be part of the roster. While he isn’t the strongest character anymore, Hit’s fighting style is vastly different from what we’re used to from Dragon Ball. A combination of time manipulation and emphasis on delivering powerful one-hit knockouts means that Hit stands out from the typical, more aggressive fighting techniques used by other characters. Hit also plays a very important role in the story of Dragon Ball Super and seems to be well-liked among fans.

As for his playstyle, it would be fairly difficult to implement his time-manipulating abilities into a fast-paced fighting game, like Dragon Ball FighterZ. The best approach could be to give some neat counter attacks and an emphasis on closed-ranged combat. He should also have a few long-distance attacks, but those shouldn’t be too powerful. Hit’s playstyle would encourage players to get close the distance between themselves and the opponent, to rack up the combos.

  1. Beerus (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods/Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods revitalised the franchise in a good way, while also introducing some new characters to the mix, namely, the God of Destruction, Beerus, and his angel, Whis. For this entry I will just be including Beerus, as having both him and Whis in the game would feel a little redundant. Beerus seems to the better option due to his interesting Egyptian-influenced design, and the fact that we have seen in him action more so than Whis. Unlike Hit, Beerus’ style is more akin to what you’d expect from a Dragon Ball character. Including Beerus is a no-brainer, as he is pretty much part of the main crew in Dragon Ball Super.

beerus dragon ball super

Naturally, Beerus will have to be toned down quite a bit. In the anime, his God of Destruction powers are quite extreme and one-hit knockouts have already been confirmed to be absent from Dragon Ball FighterZ. Beerus should play as a mid-range character, giving him the ability to rush in, or back out and do chip damage from afar. He could also have Whis as an assistant for certain attacks. However, since Android 18 already has Android 17 for support, and Nappa uses his Saibamen to attack, another 2-in-1 character might not be a good idea.

  1. “Super” Janemba (Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn)

janemba dragon ball z

Arc System Works won’t really be focusing on movie characters, but I’d like to see this guy in the final roster (DLC included). While he didn’t talk much, opting for growling noises instead, Janemba had a pretty slick design and easily defeated both Goku and Vegeta (until they cheated and fused). He also has a sword, which makes him a pretty cool addition considering characters from Dragon Ball Z rarely use weapons, if at all. He isn’t really a relevant character or anything, so maybe Janemba is more suited as a DLC character.

Even though Janemba uses a sword like Future Trunks, his movements and attacks are still unique. He has access to the Instant Transmission technique like Goku, but with a catch. It acts more like a portal, so if you blast him during his teleportation, Janemba still takes the hit. This could be one of his attacks in Dragon Ball FighterZ, where he is able to teleport (possible replacing the dashing movement), but can still be hit in motion if timed incorrectly. While I’d like to see his sword being used, Janemba has several other options, such as a powerful mouth-laser, and his ability to create clones. While it was his first form that did the cloning, I’m sure it could still be worked into the game.

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