5 Must Have Features For Pokemon On Nintendo Switch

5 Must Have Features For Pokemon On Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Outside of Pokeballs

This isn’t a new feature because it was present in HeartGold/SoulSilver, but it has to come back for Pokemon Switch. This doesn’t really impact the gameplay or anything, but it’s just too cool not to have. Having your Pokemon follow you around while exploring adds to the immersion and makes you care about pets. This could be especially amazing in a fully 3D and open environment. Maybe you can even control your Pokemon. Riding on a Charizard or Rapidash would be a fun way to travel.

No More Random Encounters

Hopefully the better hardware of the Nintendo Switch means we can be free of random encounters. Instead, all of the wild Pokemon should be freely roaming around the map, and touching them should start the battle. They can take this to the next level by having the wild Pokemon go about their own business, like drinking from a lake or sleeping. Maybe even have rival Pokemon like Seviper and Zangoose fight it out while you watch from afar.

The main reason for wanting this is that it gives you more control over starting battles. It gives you the option to skip past battles if you just want to explore, without the need for repels or constant escaping. I wouldn’t mind if the battles remained turn-based, as long as random encounters are removed completely.

pokemon soulsilver

Who wouldn’t want a Tyranitar following them around?

Skippable Tutorials

A trend with Pokemon games has been to bloat the beginning section with drawn out tutorials, teaching you the basics, like catching Pokemon. I understand that this is important for newcomers, but what about all the people that are veterans? Why should they have to endure a boring opening section every time. A simple fix is just to let us skip these tutorials if we know what to do. Handholding has been a major problem in recent games, and these long tutorials are the root of the problem.

Take X and Y for instance. There’s a Pokemon catching tutorial like any other game. Except, you can catch Pokemon before the tutorial even starts. What’s the point then? Why can’t the game see that I already have a full team and don’t need to learn how to catch Pokemon. Fix this Game Freak!

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