The Inpatient & Bravo Team Delayed Until Early 2018

PlayStation has officially confirmed that their upcoming VR titles, The Inpatient and Bravo Team, will be delayed until early next year.

Both VR titles already had release dates and some VR owners will be disappointed that they will have to wait until after the holidays. PlayStation confirms this in a tweet from yesterday with a short explanation:

It should be noted that VR players expected to be able to play The Inpatient in only a few days from now on the 17th. Bravo Team was expected to be out on December 5th.

The Inpatient is the second VR title from Supermassive Games and is set in the same universe as Until Dawn. The VR horror title promises a decision-based game much like Until Dawn. A player’s decisions will impact the game and its story, opening up multiple scenarios and endings.

The game is a prequel to Until Dawn and is set in the Blackwood Sanatorium; a significant location in the first game.

In contrast, Bravo Team is a VR shooter with online co-op play. Both games are expected to be popular VR titles and their delay may is to ensure that the end result will be the best experience possible.

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