Paris Games Week Indie Highlights – Light Fall

Paris Games Week Indie Highlights – Light Fall

At Paris Games Week it’s easy for a smaller game to get lost among the swathes of Sony fanboys and the huge AAA booths. That’s why I’ve put together some articles regarding the Indie titles that deserve just as much recognition.

2# Light Fall

Bishop Games successfully Kickstarted their debut game Light Fall back in 2015 and have been hard at work to get this game out. Now with a solid release window of March 2018, Light Fall is reaching the tail end of development. I had the chance to sit down and talk with CEO David Dion-Paquet, at Paris Games Week, about Bishop Games’ flagship title. He gave me the chance to start the game able to wield all the mechanics your character gained throughout the levels. An attempt to save your homeland from the darkness requires you to possess some powers of the old gods. You can manipulate these mystical boxes that you then use to make your way through the levels. The collectables are hidden away just enough to be dopamine-inducing and the platforming has a unique feel that, once you get used to it, feels like every game should. If you want to turn in mid-air you have to factor in the shift in momentum. Your character will grip to a wall before slowly descending down it; watch out though as you pick up a great deal of speed so those wall-jumps need precision if you’re wanting to speed through the levels.

The aesthetics hit just the right level of minimal, while still holding a charm similar to Ori and the Blind Forest. The narration by a Gandalf-soundalike, who I’m told is voiced by a Gandalf-lookalike, sets the tone wonderfully. Light Fall could be everyone’s Indie darling in 2018 and, with a Switch release possibly on the cards, it’s sure to make its way into the hands of many.

Light Fall is secretly the best Indie platformer at Paris Games Week. Having played through the first few levels of the game, it’s easy to see that this game has crazy potential to blow people away. One of the few story-driven platformers that also has great speedrunning potential.

Be sure to check out Light Fall when it hits Steam and consoles in March 2018.

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