Paris Games Week Indie Highlights – Super Meat Boy Forever

Paris Games Week Indie Highlights – Super Meat Boy Forever

At Paris Games Week it’s easy for a smaller game to get lost among the swathes of Sony fanboys and the huge AAA booths. That’s why I’ve put together some articles regarding the Indie titles that deserve just as much recognition.

#1 Super Meat Boy Forever

Team Meat wowed everyone and were at the forefront of the Indie revolution when the original Super Meat Boy hit the Xbox Live Arcade back in 2010 and we’ve all been hotly anticipating their follow-up game. Well here it is in the form of Super Meat Boy Forever. It only requires two buttons: one to jump and one to slide. This auto-runner keeps the action going in a similar fashion to Super Mario Run.

Super Meat Boy Forever is still just as hard as its predecessor and perhaps maybe more frustrating. Those of you who have played the first game will know that really isn’t a negative. Not being able to stop, let alone see the obstacles further down the line takes the control out of your hands and you’re being unwillingly dragged down a gauntlet of holes, saws and more. What Super Meat Boy had in cold-blooded calculation, Super Meat Boy Forever replaces with sadomasochism. Completing a level on Super Meat Boy Forever feels as satisfying as anything I’ve played in 2017 and there have been a lot of great titles this year.

Be sure to check out Super Meat Boy Forever when it releases on all gaming platforms in 2018.

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