Paris Games Week Indie Highlights – Tiny Metal

Paris Games Week Indie Highlights – Tiny Metal

At Paris Games Week it’s easy for a smaller game to get lost among the swathes of Sony fanboys and the huge AAA booths. That’s why I’ve put together some articles regarding the Indie titles that deserve just as much recognition.

#3 Tiny Metal

If you like Advance Wars, you have to play this game! After speaking to the Area 35 team, it’s clear that this game has the passion of a lot of talented people behind it. Straight out of Japan, Tiny Metal infuses all the best things of Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, and the Civilization series and brings it to all gaming platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Featuring a lengthy single-player campaign, the developers have also promised a multiplayer expansion to come along some time after release.

There are few games I can enjoy when the AI are beating the proverbial crap out of me, but Tiny Metal is one of them. The team is very proud of voice work, as well they should be. This game exudes charm from every angle, but don’t be fooled by its cute aesthetics. Tiny Metal will punish you if you let it and there’s an important story being told behind all the bright colours. Speaking with the developers, who have worked on titles as varied as Halo: Anniversary and Valkyria Chronicles, they seemed anxious to release the game due to the budget and resource restraints of indie development. Tiny Metal will be one of the first games on Nintendo Switch to utilize the Unreal Engine. I’m sure they are going to be thrilled by the responses as it plays very well and charmed the socks off me!

Tiny Metal is coming to Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on November 21st. I know I’ll be getting a copy, and I’m pretty certain you should as well.

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