Bloodborne’s Cut Content Is Accessible through Chalice Dungeon Codes

The Bloodborne fan community, after finding several cut models for bosses and other files, have figured out a way to access some of its missing content through the in-game chalice dungeons.

Using different codes in the chalice dungeons, players can meet and fight some of the cut bosses that never made it into the final build of Bloodborne.

The first code, sikgc3sm, lets players take on what appears to be a second form of the Moon Presence that didn’t end up becoming the final boss. The second code, arkhv2vs, will give you access to the Great One Beast, who appears to be a giant horse with long hair and glowing red eyes.

To enter the codes, players must go to the Hunter’s Dream and walk along the winding path leading to the Hunter’s lodge. If the players press X on any of the gravestones, they can access the way to the chalice dungeons. Players then “Search for Chalice Glyph” and use one of the two codes above. Once you find the dungeon, join it and you will enter the unfinished zones.

As of now, each dungeon is still active. I managed to access both fights and complete both trails, to no reward as expected. These bosses are clearly unfinished, featuring no textures and hardly any animation effects to speak of. Even the areas themselves weren’t complete, so a curious hunter can easily end up walking on air until they fall off the world into an unending pit.

WARNING ALL HUNTERS: If you wish to try these bosses yourself, be sure to backup your save file before doing so. I tried to retreat back to the Hunter’s Dream after the fight and doing so only respawned the boss. 

Check out these videos by Youtube user Sanadsk for more information about the cut bosses below.

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