Why You Need to Buy Mom Hid My Game!

Why You Need to Buy Mom Hid My Game!

Mom Hid My Game! by KEMCO is an inexpensive Escape Rooms-style game console exclusive to Nintendo Switch and it is delightful. It won’t last long to go through the 50 levels available and, while there are some duds, there is a very jolly vibe that sustains throughout the game from start to finish.

For $4.99, you get to experience some experimental new ways of solving puzzles that have yet to be done with the Nintendo system. Such innovation hasn’t been seen since the Metal Gear Solid series. If you do struggle on the one or two puzzles that require lateral thinking, there are hints available in a match-two-cards mini-game. I would suggest trying everything you can think of before going for these though, as the hints are very obtuse and remove any challenge.

I bought this game because it was featured in a Nintendo Presentation and now I know why. You need to play Mom Hid My Game! and indie developers should look to Mom Hid My Game! for inspiration on how they can innovate and stand out from the crowd on the best system for independent games. From feeding giant stone faces, to throwing wayward baseballs so your Mom can dive out of your way, this game will keep you grinning and lightly chuckling away to yourself.

Mom Hid My Game

While the game can be completed in one sitting, the low price point shouldn’t provide too much of a barrier of entry. If you’re looking for a palate cleanser after the chunky Xenoblade Chronicles 2, or maybe want to ease your frustrations after finding 998 Moons on Super Mario Odyssey, then look no further than Mom Hid My Game! on the Nintendo Switch.

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