Pokemon Go’s New Pokemon and Weather Effects

Pokemon Go’s New Pokemon and Weather Effects

Pokemon Go and it’s latest update adds much awaited Pokemon breathing new life into the mobile game, including new third generation Pokemon and new game mechanics.

The update now includes fifty more Pokemon from games like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The new Pokemon include Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip along with many more popular names like Mudkip, Electrike and Deoxys.

A new feature in this update is the real life weather effects. Inspired by the mechanic in the Game Boy Advance games, Pokemon Go’s weather system will affect combat by boosting the power of certain Pokémon depending on the weather. For example, if you have a water Pokemon and it’s raining your Pokemon will get a boost but be careful if when fighting against a fire Pokemon whilst the weather’s hot, then you will be a major disadvantage.

Matthew Slemon and Archit Bhargava, product leads at Niantic, say that the weather system is for serious gym battlers who use the effects to “sort of min-max their teams.”

“Everyone is always in a steady state of whatever the local geography is,” Slemon said. “So if you have a large number of different climates, you’ll have a large number of different map states. If you have consistent weather, you’re in a region that’s going to overtime develop much stronger Pokémon of those types.”

It’s worth noting that the weather effects apply to all Pokemon, old and new.

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