Amazon Prime Membership Fees Are About To Increase

Amazon Prime Membership Fees Are About To Increase

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime’s subscription, here comes a bit of bad news. Amazon Prime is bumping up pricing from $10.99 to $12.99, making the yearly cost $156 – a $24 increase over the old price.

Amazon Prime

Amazon has confirmed the price increase and laid out all the details on their Prime page. The page also mentions that if you choose to bite the bullet and pay the $99 yearly fee that price will remain the same.

The increase will impact Amazon’s student pricing as well. That also gets an 18% increase, moving from $5.49 to $6.49. Like the standard Prime pricing, the yearly fee is staying at $49.

At the same time, the cost of a monthly Prime Video membership will remain at $8.99 and the monthly Prime membership option for customers on government assistance will also remain unchanged at $5.99.

The fee kicks in today for new members. Existing subscribers will see the increase go into effect on the first renewal payment post February 18th.'

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