Devil May Cry Series Director Says Unrevealed Project “Now Under Climax”

Devil May Cry Series Director Says Unrevealed Project “Now Under Climax”

Hideaki Itsuno, the Capcom director behind Rival Schools, Devil May Cry 1-4, and Dragon’s Dogma has said that his current project is “under climax” and for fans to please expect it. Itsuno has apologized once more for not revealing his new game, but he now promises that the project is coming to a close, hopefully meaning we’ll see an announcement soon.

Itsuno has been teasing his current project for over two years at this point. At the beginning of 2016, Itsuno has been teasing that his project would be revealed in the coming year, with the director planning to reveal the game before the end of 2017. Obviously, that did not occur, and Itsuno is assuring fans that the reveal is still coming.

Although he apologized for the recent no-shows, that hasn’t stopped the internet from working itself into a frenzy over what the next project might be. The most prevalent opinion is that the game will be a return to an internally developed Devil May Cry, with alleged leaks and rumors stoking that particular fire.

It would make sense alongside the recently-announced Devil May Cry HD Collection.

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