A Love Letter to Dying Light

A Love Letter to Dying Light

Dying Light is a game that I speak highly of and often encourage people to try. If you like a game that’s got parkour and gets your blood pumping, Dying Light has that. If you like a compelling story with witty dialogue, it’s got that too. If you want to run around with a few friends for hours on end drop kicking zombies off of rooftops? Then look. No. Further.

After significant time away from a game I made the risky choice of playing again. Time changes things. The fond memories that you have of a game don’t always hold up to how it plays years later. I’m happy to share that this was not one of those times. I’ve been so caught up in my new found love for Dying Light that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!

But I’m afraid of heights and sometimes there are zombies up there so I decided to write a love letter instead…

Dear Techland,

In December I was having a hard time finding a game to play. I had the big budget titles that I scooped up during holiday sales. Their save files were half finished and I wasn’t in a rush to change that. None of the beautifully crafted worlds at my fingertips were calling me home. It wasn’t them, it was me. They’d done everything right, but I was restless. They were missing something, but what?

I was on Twitter when the answer was delivered to me as an animated corpsified seasonal gift wrapped present.

Oh heck yes, I was coming home for Christmas! After not playing Dying Light for nearly two years I instantly knew that I needed to go back to the city of Harran. I needed a hilarious side quest like “Mother’s Day” to chase my gaming blues away. I needed the adrenaline rush of  parkouring my way across the slums in the dead of night while being hunted by a fellow player’s gnarly monster self. I needed to get in on this community bounty and find every last holiday themed zombie!

I was instantly and easily sucked back into the undead world of Dying Light. When I stopped playing Dying Light before, it was with the feeling that I had done everything. I hit the level cap, maxed my stats, completed every quest, found all the easter eggs, did every bounty and even wielded Excalibur.

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