A Love Letter to Dying Light

A Love Letter to Dying Light

As I popped in the disc to get in on some sweet merry mayhem action I thought to myself, “What more could there be to do”? Well, there was 250 additional Legendary levels for me to gain to start! There was a whole new skill tree to build out. There was trolling Dying Light’s past social media postings for clues to dockets that would earn me powerful in game goodies. There were two new difficulties, co-op experience bonuses, new weapons, completely free DLC that was being released regularly after all this time, and a whole new way to play in the form of Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition (which I upgrade my copy to a couple of days later).

Techland, you had been very busy while I was away, but that wasn’t what got me back in my zombie slaughtering saddle.

Three years and I still say, “Goodnight, good luck,” as parting words to friends. Referring to someone’s Smart Level has been an ongoing joke with those that I spent hours laughing about momma with. I hum the solemn loading screen music to myself no less than once a day. I’ve been doing all of this for so long and I can’t quite pinpoint when I started, but I know that I’ve never stopped.

I know why you’re still supporting this game and community, Techland. Dying Light is special. And that’s why I’m playing again. The fact that nearly three years after launch you’re still creating free content is impressive and charming. Hosting relevant and timely community events? That’s just icing on the cake.

While some brands would go for the obvious choice and start on a sequel after a successful launch, you broke out of that mold. From the early easter eggs of the Destiny loot cave to being the first #4V1 multiplayer on PS4 to making us loot candy from corpses. You’ve always been active and actively different and I love you more than a little bit for that. Thank you for not only a great game, but for supporting your community and ironically breathing new life into Dying Light over and over again.

Goodnight and good luck, Techland.

Laura Mazerall

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Laura Mazerall is a founding member and contributing Editor for Mammoth Gamers with a background in community management and digital marketing. Proud best friend to a Pomeranian and owner of a velociraptor tattoo, you can follow her on Twitter @Vamphlet to talk shop about video games, comic books, and coffee!