Microsoft Ends Production Of Kinect Adapters

Microsoft Ends Production Of Kinect Adapters

Sad news for Microsoft Kinect fans as the company has announced it is no longer producing Kinect adapters for the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows devices to use the motion tracking camera. The adapter allowed the Kinect to integrate with new consoles as the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows devices did not possess the necessary port like the original Xbox One where the adapter would connect via a USB port.

Microsoft has decided to end production to focus on new accessories for their Xbox One consoles and Windows platforms. When Xbox’s motion tracker first appeared back in 2010, it became the fastest selling consumer electronic of its time with over 10 Million units sold within the first 6 months of its release. Along with a wide array of games tailored to families and solo players alike, the Kinect was a must have accessory for the Xbox 360.

A lack of notable games and the lack of attention from the public has seen the Kinect fall from grace on Xbox consoles and Windows devices in recent years. Microsoft themselves haven’t released a motion tracking game since 2014, and with the decision to not bring the Xbox Kinect port to the Xbox One S, it was obvious that Microsoft was on the slow path to leave their motion tracking camera in obscurity.

The Kinect itself is still a great media tool, using voice controls with Microsoft Cortana and using the IR blaster, it’s great for controlling your Xbox hands free. Xbox adapters can still be found out there in the market but no new units will be hitting store shelves from now on.'

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