Is There A New Zelda Coming This Year?

Is There A New Zelda Coming This Year?

Just last week, insider Marcus Sellars tweeted new information that a brand new Zelda game for the 3DS will be coming out later this year. Since then more information about the new addition to the Zelda family has emerged so here’s a rundown on all the info you need.

The Zelda rumour began when editor Marcus Sellars tweeted the following:

Since then, more insiders have confirmed this rumour and added new bits of information here and there:

The 3DS title is set to be a remake or heavily on Link’s Awakening but it’s not clear at this time. Grezzo are the developers behind the rumoured title. You may recall that they previously are responsible for bringing both Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D to the Nintendo 3DS and usually bring out a new game every two years.

The game has been in development and was set for a 2017 release, but due to the focus on Breath of the Wild and the follow up DLC, it was delayed. It is also worth noting that another rumour behind the delay is the game has changed to a more “open” approach similar to Breath of the Wild.

Since this rumour exploded this past week a Reddit user named Nate869621 posted this on December 26th on the subreddit r/3DS, confirming the rumour. The brand new 3D title is set to be announced very soon.

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