Nintendo And Illumination Pair For Super Mario Movie

Nintendo has recently shed some more light on the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie. Nintendo will be partnering with Illumination, known most notably for its Despicable Me and Minions films, for the animated feature length Mario film.

This was confirmed by Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima, during an earnings presentation. Additional details reveal that series creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Despicable Me producer, Chris Meladandri, will be co-producing the upcoming film.

“With this project, Nintendo will pursue its goals of effectively leveraging its intellectual properties in mediums outside of video games, and of bringing smiles to people around the world,” said Nintendo in a press release.

While the film will be animated by Illumination Studios, Nintendo and Universal Pictures will both be funding the film jointly.

This could mark the beginning of actual decent video game movies. Though that entirely depends on the approach that Nintendo and Illumination wish to steer Mario and company. Still, Nintendo has been known to be protective of its intellectual property as of late.

That was not necessarily true in the early 90s when the Super Mario Bros. live action movie released. Starring the late Bob Hoskins as Mario, the film garnered terrible reviews. A film that Nintendo refuses to acknowledge to this day.

However, should Nintendo and Illumination prove to have a winner on their hands with their take on Super Mario Bros., this could usher in the dawn of Nintendo’s many franchises delving further and further into the mainstream. Imagine an animated take on Metroid, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, or, most undoubtedly, The Legend of Zelda?

With the Nintendo Switch selling at an exorbitant rate and a Universal Studios theme park in the works, Nintendo can thrice knock the doors down, and our socks off again.

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